For our companions to have good breath, and to eat without problems, dental hygiene is important. The cause of these inconveniences is tartar, it is therefore necessary to prevent or slow down its formation. To do this, mouthwashes are possible, by adding them regularly to the drinking water, they will slow down the appearance of tartar and disinfect the oropharyngeal sphere. Chewing gels, which also contain antiseptics, are another alternative and can also be distributed daily.

For dogs that get scaly quickly, dog toothpaste is the best solution. Toothpaste should be applied to the teeth and brushed gently with a finger pad or soft toothbrush.

Finally, if the scale is too much, a prior scaling is essential, or all other means will not be effective enough. From dental plaque, bacteria can pass into the bloodstream. and attach themselves to the heart valves leading to heart valve disease: dental hygiene is therefore important not only for comfort, but also for the health of your companion.

  • Regular inspection of the mouth
  • Daily chew strips or mouthwashes
  • Brush teeth if necessary
  • Decalcifying is essential if the scale becomes too large